Flora Maggiore aus dem Archäologischen Nationalmuseum Neapel

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project flora maggiore at Cologne Cathedral

The flower goddess Flora reached in its reality the colossus of the Cologne Cathedral in peak height and sows the flowers over the meridian of the city and the globe. In this virtual project is the goddess spot on Virtual Reality! For this, the Flora Maggiore from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples is to "jpg - flower goddess" created in real height of Cologne Cathedral of 153.38 meters in the network. Although very thin-skinned by being equipped with only one pixel per inch it remains in its colossal imagery in the network available.

On June 3rd the Flora Maggiore action started south of the cathedral. Flora’s footprints appeared temporarily on the southern dome square stones. The length of the right foot from 24 meters illustrates the true hight of Flora Maggiore in its proportion to the hight of the dome of over 153 meters.

 Flora Maggiore is also a complement to the Meridian Project Flora on Meridian in Berlin.

aktion flora maggiore
flora auf meridian